drunk txing

Because you don’t want to wake up and feel the regret and shame hitting you with more force than your headache, here are some reasons you probably shouldn’t have your phone near you when you’ve had a lot to drink. Texting your ex It’s bound to happen. Usually our brains are sensible and wise and have spent the last year helping us get over that person. But then we pour tequila into ourselves and it

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Everyone has an opinion on the way to pull. And there’s so much dating advice out there it’s hard to know what to take seriously. Out of a LOT of horrendous advice, these are the worst ones we've heard. "Pretend you like what they like and it will make conversation flow way more easily!" One minute you’re telling someone how much you love going hiking because they do and the next minute you’re on top

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If you have a crush, it’s impossible to get normal daily activities done, especially when you can’t concentrate or breathe. We think these are the worst things they can do. Complement you Yes you like my haircut but do you fancy me? Yes you like my perfume but are you in love with me? Yes you like my skirt but would you like it on your bedroom floor? Many many unanswered questions. Touch you “Oh

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