Have you over cooked it this Christmas? Oh dear. You’ve over cooked it at the xmas office party. Or forgetting that you have Sunday lunch with the in-laws you went large on a Saturday Night? Don’t worry, even Findhrr gets it wrong sometimes, and has two too many! The hangover is the hazard of her job and as such, she takes them very seriously. So next time you feel like your world is caving in



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DO make sure you look (and smell) your best. lesbehonest, we live in a shallow society where just having a GSOH sadly isn’t enough to titillate our desires. Spritz (not douse) yourself with that seductive new fragrance and swathe yourself in your favourite fashion finery. DON’T turn up to a swanky bar reeking of whisky, dressed head to toe in that worn out Adidas tracksuit with the cheeky hole under the armpit. Dutch courage is

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