Sometimes it’s just impossible to tell if someone likes you, or if someone is just being friendly. Obviously there’s not a definitive list like the best icecream flavours but there are some hints.

If she asks a lot of questions, it might be one of these hints. Questions stop awkward silent silences from getting more and more awkward as each second passes. If the girl you like asks a question rather than walking away to discuss other matters such as Celeb Big Brother with more important people then she obviously wants to keep the conversation going.

Questions such as ‘where are you from,’ might not have much extra meaning, but ‘what is your cat’s middle name,’ shows she wants to get to know you.

In a club there can be a lot of signs. If there’s a big gang of you there and you’re always the one she comes up to first to say hello, it’s obvious that you’re the most important one there. Also it can be how she acts when she’s around you. Leaning in too much like she’s some sort of weeble can be a sign. Sometimes it can be a bit more intimate like when they put their mouth so close to your ear you can hear their stomach digesting their lunch, or she just has to put her hand on your waist to pull you in to speak.

In this ridiculous recession, if she offers to buy you a drink more than once, you’re in. Not only is she showing that she likes spending her hard earned worker dosh on you, but she’s getting you drunk so she can make her move. If she’s buying tequila or absynth, the latter is very true.


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