If you have a crush, it’s impossible to get normal daily activities done, especially when you can’t concentrate or breathe. We think these are the worst things they can do.

Complement you

Yes you like my haircut but do you fancy me? Yes you like my perfume but are you in love with me? Yes you like my skirt but would you like it on your bedroom floor? Many many unanswered questions.

Touch you

“Oh look you have an eyelash, make a wish.” Touch me again and my face will be on your face.

Talk to you about other people

“Do you think she’s hot? I think she’s hot, maybe I should ask her out because she’s so hot.” You know who else is hot? The one standing right in front of you in the clothes I picked out especially so you would think I was hot.

See you at your worst

Of course they had to come through the door at the exact moment you spilled your dinner down you because you were too much of a hungover hot mess to concentrate on your fork. But when you look your best, they are nowhere to found on the planet.

Ask you if you like anyone

Cue stuttering, blushing, cringing, shrugging and/or screaming. It’s a very fun time to be alive.

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