DO make sure you look (and smell) your best. lesbehonest, we live in a shallow society where just having a GSOH sadly isn’t enough to titillate our desires. Spritz (not douse) yourself with that seductive new fragrance and swathe yourself in your favourite fashion finery.

DON’T turn up to a swanky bar reeking of whisky, dressed head to toe in that worn out Adidas tracksuit with the cheeky hole under the armpit. Dutch courage is for amateurs and tracksuits are for the gym.


DO arrive on time. First impressions are important and turning up to a first date half an hour late, panting heavily after running through the sweltering summer streets of Soho is not a good look…

DON’T forget to compliment your date on her outfit/hairstyle/face. It starts the evening off with a fuzzy, positive vibe and helps to calm potentially frazzles nerves. Warning: Don’t mention her perky bum or voluptuous cleavage.


DO offer to get the first round. Generosity is a very attractive trait….

DON’T mention the ex. Yes we know girls love to talk and we know that the bountiful flow of alcohol causes tongues to become slightly looser than usual, yet it’s important to keep your previous dalliances where they belong – in the murky depths of the past.


DO monitor your alcohol intake. Would you want to date a girl who slurs her words and ends up falling headfirst into your bosom? No. we didn’t think so.

DON’T accidentally ‘leave’ your wallet at home. Nobody likes a tightass.


DO create an air of mystery. It’s not a good idea to divulge your whole life story on a first date. Hold something back so they get that urge to find out more about you. Save the harrowing story of your excessive pie eating addiction for another time.

DON’T spend the night showing your date hundreds of photos of your beloved moggy. We like kitties. You like kitties. We get this. Just try not to pander to the crazy cat lady stereotype too much on the first meeting.

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