Because you don’t want to wake up and feel the regret and shame hitting you with more force than your headache, here are some reasons you probably shouldn’t have your phone near you when you’ve had a lot to drink.

Texting your ex

It’s bound to happen. Usually our brains are sensible and wise and have spent the last year helping us get over that person. But then we pour tequila into ourselves and it all feels like a fun game.

Messaging that girl you fancy

You might have found a girl you like the look of on Findhrr but haven’t quite had the guts to contact her yet. Now is not the time. No one needs a message in the morning from a stranger that just says ‘Yoooo babbiuee’ followed by five winky faces.

Ringing your best mate

Because they just HAVE to hear that song. If they’re in bed, they really don’t want to hear it.

Social Media

Isn’t social media great. It’s how you communicate with the entire world. And what’s even better, is when your drunk, it’s like communicating all your wonderful thoughts about pizza and how there’s vodka in your eye, to the entire world.


What’s even worse, is that when we’ve drank a bit, we like to voice our opinions, and again, with social media, you can do this to entire world. Lots of regret in the morning. And more deleting than your head can handle.

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