Legal Stuff…

Yes it’s boring, but it’s also essential, here you can find out things like our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. If you have any questions regarding the legal side of findhrr please do get in touch


Privacy Policy

At findhrr we respect your need for discretion, so we take pride in ensuring that your private information stays private. We have lovingly written this handy privacy policy to explain our dalliances with your data in more detail, so you can have peace of mind whilst you explore your world…

1. When signing up to findhrr, you will need to enter vital information such as your name, email address, age and location, so that the app can do it’s happy job correctly. It is necessary for us to keep a record of this data, yet you will be able to hide or disclose this to other users as you wish.

2. We’re an honest bunch here at findhrr and want you all to ourselves. We promise not to sell your data or information to any third parties.

3. findhrr makes it gloriously easy to meet girls nearby and find out what’s happening in your local area, as it uses clever location-detecting technology. For this reason, we need to know where you are – so we will keep a record of your IP address.

4. Signing up to findhrr using Facebook saves you time and enables us to ensure the app is a safe environment for women. This will allow us to have access to your Facebook profile – so if this concerns you please sign up in the traditional way.

5. Think before you upload that naughty photo or make that lewd comment! Respect other users and help us make findhrr a respectable, happy place for girls who like girls. Ensure you don’t reveal any personal information that you might regret in the cold light of day.

6. Cookies are not just tempting goodies in the biscuit tin. They are also innovative data tracking tools which enable us to make your findhrr experience the best it can possibly be. Our clever technicians will put a session ID cookie on your mobile device to monitor exactly how you are using it, so we can discover how to improve our app accordingly. To save you tediously signing in every time, we will also put a permanent cookie on your login details.

7. Our security practices are in place to ensure your information is safe, yet in the unfortunate (and rare) incident of hacking, we sadly can no longer take responsibility for your data. We will however promise to prevent this from happening with all our might.

8. If you do something regretful (we all have crazy days), like give your password to someone else, change it straight away and inform us of your naughty mishap at, so we can come to your rescue ASAP.

9. findhrr is only suitable for girls 18 years and over. If you are a naughty young’un having a cheeky gander, we will swiftly remove you from the site.

10. Our third party websites have no access to your data. This will never change so rest assured and carry on discovering your world.