Everyone has an opinion on the way to pull. And there’s so much dating advice out there it’s hard to know what to take seriously. Out of a LOT of horrendous advice, these are the worst ones we’ve heard.

“Pretend you like what they like and it will make conversation flow way more easily!”

One minute you’re telling someone how much you love going hiking because they do and the next minute you’re on top of a mountain hating your new partner and your life decisions. Having different hobbies is what makes things interesting.

“Make yourself seem more interesting. White lies are fine!”

Certain little lies like, ‘yes I can dance,’ when maybe your feet are of the left variety, are just fine. Telling them you came second on Dancing with the Stars will take a little more practise. If they don’t like you for who you are, what’s the point in dating?

“If you don’t like their looks straight away, stay away!”

Yes because inner beauty does not exist. And how many friends of yours do you know who did not fancy their girlfriend to begin with but now they’re married with seven cats?

“Order food and drink for your date to show confidence!”

Do this and you’re going to get whatever you ordered for them, hurled across your face.

“Treat them mean to keep them keen!”

Possibly the worst one of all time. Do you like a girl that you’ve met in a bar? Seen a girl online you thought was hot? Then buy that girl a drink, or message her online and you never know, she might be the one that you settle down and have seven cats with.

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